Changelog 02/01/2020(15 Day ago)

Hero added

  • Alencia
  • All rounder wanda
  • Benevolent Romann

Artifact added

  • Alencinox's Wrath
  • New Year Cookies
  • Unfading Memories
  • Resolute Soldier Series

Bug correction

  • Add missing image for Khawana
  • Correct a bug that cause artifact help window to not display

Know issue

  • missing image for Alencinox's Wrath, New Year Cookies, Unfading Memories and Resolute Soldier Series

Open beta release(2 Month ago)

  • We are proud to announce the launch of our site in beta test version.
  • E7 box manager is a tool that allows you to manage your box of heroes more easily by grouping the information concisely. You can choose to share them or not with your friends and guildmates.
  • Thank you for reporting any bug that you encounter on our discord or simply come to us by feature you would like to see appear on the site.

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